Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Say Cheese! How to take FABULOUS Photos

Do you get blamed every time a family photo turns out blurry or dark? Since school is out for summer, many families are taking trips. What’s worse than taking a vacation and coming back to view bad photos. While perusing through our kids new non-fiction shelves, I found this wonderful book called Like a Pro; 101 Simple Ways to do Really Important Stuff by Helaine Becker. Check out these tips on how to remedy bad photography.

Tip #84—Take Fabulous Photos
-Don’t point the camera into the sun. Instead stand with your back to the sun.
-Flash can only work about 8-10 ft. ahead
-Zoom in close to give your subject more impact
-Make sure your subject is completely in the frame

This item can be checked out at the Library. Click here to reserve this item.

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