Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Message from the Library Fairy

The Library Fairy wanted us to relay her thanks to all the children who wrote her letters during the Children's Library Grand Re-Opening weekend. Here is her message:

Dear children,
I loved receiving your letters. Some of you asked me questions, and I will try to answer a few.
Can I teach you to fly? I do have wings, but I am sorry that I do not think I can teach you to fly unless you can grow wings, too. How do I use my library door? Well, it is, sadly, broken right now, so I am using a more secret entrance. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Do I own the library? No, but it is my home. What do I do? My job is to bring stories to life for children who read or listen to them.
What is my favorite book? It is called Fairie-ality : The Fashion Collection from the House of Ellwand. Maybe you would like to read it.

The Library Fairy

Note from the Library: click on the title to reserve the book.

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