Friday, March 14, 2008

Poetry Fridays: Almost Late to School

Have you ever looked at the alarm clock and realized that you were extremely late? Well this book, Almost Late for School and More School Poems, is for you. Recently we've had a wave of Reference questions about Science Fairs. So this poem is dedicated to you:

Science Fair Project


The purpose of my project this year is to make my brother disappear.


The world would be a better place

If my btoher vanished without a trace.


3 Erasers


Disappearing ink

1 younger brother

1 kitchen sink


Chop up the erasers.

Add the white-out and the ink.

Rub it on the brother

While he's standing in the sink.


The kid was disappearing!

I had almost proved my theorem!

When all at once my mom came home

And made me re-appear him.


Experiment a failure.

My brother is still here.

But I'm already planning

For the science fair next year.

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