Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do you have a curious little one?

Try checking out some of our wonderful new non-fiction books for children. Even if you just look at the amazing photographs, these books will pique your child's curiosity in the world around us.

How about these great non-fiction titles? (Click on the title to reserve a copy for yourself)

Knut: How one little polar bear captivated the world by Juliana, Isabella, and Craig Hatkoff and Dr. Gerald R. Uhlich

This fascinating book was written by a father and his two young daughters. It details the early life of Knut, a polar bear cub born in the Berlin Zoo whose mother failed to raise him. Instead, zookeepers stepped in to nurture the little cub. Kids as young as toddlers will enjoy the color photographs, and the text could be adapted for use with any age.

Where in the Wild? by David M. Schwartz and Yael Schy

This wonderfully simple book features a nature photo on each page, accompanied by a short poem. The poem gives the reader clues about the animal hiding in the photo. When everyone has submitted their guesses, open the flap to see which animal is camoflaged in the photo! Also included is information about the animal's habitat and adaptations.

Color by Ella Doran, David Goodman, and Zoe Miller

More than just an informational book, Color includes some easy experiments and eye tricks for kids to try that will increase their understanding of colors. It introduces them to primary and secondary colors, shading and tinting, and complementary colors. Also featured are moveable color wheels so that young readers can see how the colors are connected to one another. Highly entertaining for kids and adults alike!

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