Sunday, June 1, 2008

Finding the Perfect Babysitter

Who will be taking care of the kids when they are out of school? It is extremely difficult for working parents to find reliable and affordable babysitters. Here are some sites/articles that may help you out in finding the perfect babysitter.

A website that helps in forming neighborhood group of parents where you can trade babysitting services among parents.

Choosing and Instructing a Babysitter
Gives tips on how to find a good babysitter-- from It even includes an Emergency Contact Sheet.

Interviewing a Potential Babysitter
Questions you might want to ask a potential babysitter.

Determining How Much to Pay a Babysitter offers a babysitter rate calculator. Just plug in a few numbers and voila-- you have a median pay rate.

Our disclaimer-- the listed links are not necessarily the opinions of the Palo Alto City Library.

And don't forget to sign up the kids for Summer Reading! You can win a free book and pizza coupon. Kids entering the 5th grade and under click here. Teens entering 6th grade and up click here.

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