Monday, June 30, 2008

Keep Kids Learning Over the Summer-- Avoiding the "Summer Slump"

Kids are out of school for the summer. This doesn't mean that they should stop learning because school's over. Here are some articles that will help you keep your kids "sharp" during Summer Break:

Great ideas including using hobbies like coin or stamp collecting to expand kids' learning and education in specific areas.

Did you know that kids can lose more than 2 months of knowledge over the summer? Find out more facts and what you can do to combat summer learning loss from Dr. Ruth Peters.

Okay, we all knew this but I had to list it.

Summer Learning Ideas for Parents by Jennifer Wagaman
Nice article with learning ideas from every category-- math, writing, reading, and even home economics.

Technology Fun Can Keep Kids Learning This Summer from Newswise and Iowa State University
Keep those techie kids learning over the summer. The article sites that creating blogs and wikis can help kids learn more during the summer.

My disclaimer-- the articles contained in this post are not necessarily those of the Palo Alto City Library.

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