Monday, July 7, 2008

Staying Cool!

We're having another heat wave, so here are some books with ideas to beat the heat. (You can check on the title to reserve the book).

Make something cool and wonderful to eat! Check out Cool Sweets & Treats to Eat, with recipes for things like Campfire-free S'mores, No-bake Energy Bars and Dilly and Chilly Dips for Veggies. Yum!

While we're on the subject of treats, summertime is always ice cream time. Besides getting some to eat, how about reading about the history and production of ice cream? For the "inside scoop" take a look at Paul Fleisher's Ice Cream Treats.

Swimming's a great way to keep cool. The Library has a number of children's books on learning to swim or working on your technique. One is Crossingham's and Walker's Swimming in Action. Need the pool hours at Rinconada? Here you go.

When the weather's hot, just being near water is great. How about hanging out at Boronda Lake at our own Foothills Park? You can go fishing in the lake (with a license). Here's more information about the beautiful park, which is open to Palo Alto residents and their guests. Need to learn how to catch more fish? We've got some great books, of course. Try this one - Kids Gone Fishing.

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