Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympics Mania!!

Have you and your kids been fascinated by the Olympics? Here are some titles you might enjoy about the Olympics or Olympic sports.

Olympia: Warrior Athletes of Ancient Greece by Dyan Blacklock

Take a look at the original games - fabulous illustrations!

I Love Gymnastics by Naia Bary-Moffatt

A girl's first class at a gymnastics club.

Bright Path: Young Jim Thorpe by Don Brown

The boyhood of this Native American athlete who was an Olympic gold medalist.

Wilma Rudolph by Victoria Sherrow

A short biography of the African-American woman who overcame crippling polio as a child to become the first woman to win three gold medals in track in a single Olympics.

America's Champion Swimmer: Gertrude Ederle by David A. Adler

The first woman to swim the English Channel.

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