Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bike Safety

I know there is a Bicycle Safety week coming up but I can't resist posting about it now. Since school started, I've observed some pretty scary maneuvers by kids of all ages! It wouldn't hurt to review things like how to put your helmet on properly. When I see a kid riding down the street with his helmet hanging on the back of his head, or better yet, unbuckled, I want to scream! This is when I think instilling a little fear is not such a bad thing! Unfortunately, there are very few books on bike safety but I did find two good web sites that go over the basic things all children should know before heading out on their bikes : http://kidshealth.org/kid/watch/out/bike_safety.html or http://health.kaboose.com/active-kids/kids-on-bikes.html We have great bike paths and perfect biking weather so let's make it a safe ride!

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Wow, is that Sarah Palin in the photo!