Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Been There, Wish I Had Done That

The thing that I most regret not doing when my kids were young is keeping a journal or scrap book of their milestones..... you know, notating the days at the park when they could finally reach the bar or the hilarious things they'd say when they thought they were actually reading! It's not the birthdays, holidays or graduations; I'm talking about the seemingly small things that are easily forgotten but shouldn't be. Recently, my younger son, who is in grad school, had an assignment that required him to ask me lots of questions about his infancy and toddler days. I was astounded (and saddened) when I realized how little I actually remember! If only I had a journal that I could pull out to remind me about his favorite book, song or food! I answered his questions but not without a certain amount of embellishment! So, here's my advice to all you young parents out there! It's never too late to begin so I found some great books about scrapbooking with kids....what a perfect rainy day project! You can write the words and let the kids decorate the pages. Try these:

Cool Scrapbooks, by Pam Price

Just click on the links for some great ideas to get you started. I promise you will not regret the time and energy it takes to journal or the mess scrapbooking makes! All kids are curious about what they were like when they were younger and will love pouring over these books of memories when they grow up! Enjoy....and see you at the library!

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