Friday, August 31, 2007

Poetry Friday: Back to School Poems

Another offering by our Children's Poet Laureate, Jack Prelutsky - What a Day It Was at School! This is a great book to read at the beginning of the school year. Every poem tells of some outrageous, amazing or silly experience in a school day. And each poem is printed on full-page illustrations by Doug Cushman that are just as outrageous and silly. Here's a taste; the poem is called "I Tried to Do My Homework."

I tried to do my homework,
And I finished late last night.
It was our science project,
But I couldn't get it right.
I made a little creature
Out of seven kinds of slime,
Plus pudding and pastrami
And a lemon and a lime.

You can reserve this book here.


sara said...

I think kids all ages will enjoy it.

sara said...

I love this book.

alltoyourmind said...

a good book