Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kids and Dogs

Are you going to be adding a canine member to your family this summer? If so, it's essential that you're informed about how to introduce your kids to the new family member.

The Palo Alto City Library has some helpful books, for both adults and kids, that will make sure the transition goes well for all involved. Please click on the title of any book to place a hold.

Dogs and Kids: Parenting Tips, by Bardi McLennan


Here are some tips from the Humane Society Silicon Valley for introducing kids to dogs:
- Childen, just like puppies, need to learn the rules: Children should be taught to pet softly, stay away from food and water bowls, and not to startle the dog while she is sleeping.
- All family members should avoid tug-of-war, ear pulling, pony riding, and rough play: These activities can teach a dog to be rough with humans and to grab and bite.
- Never leave any child under age 12 unattended with a dog or puppy: Play supervised games such as hide and seek, fetch, or blowing bubbles. If the dog is very high-energy, try taking her for a run or walk before play begins, and end play immediately if she gets too excited or wild.

For more tips, please see the Humane Society's "Kids and Dogs" document at: http://www.hssv.org/docs/behavior/dog_kidsndogs.pdf

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