Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Non-fiction- Take a Look!

When I was looking at our new non-fiction books recently, I noticed a trend. Many of the books discuss ways kids can explore the world around them and/or help the environment. I'd like to introduce you to three of these books:

50 ways to Save the Earth, by Anne Jankeliowitch
Each double-page spread of this book features a lush color photo opposite a numbered action and a description of how doing that action can help save the Earth. From composting and carpooling to eating locally and cleaning up the beaches, this book is full of easy ways to help the Earth.

The Brook Book: Exploring the Smallest Streams, by Jim Arnosky
As with his wonderful Crinkleroot books, The Brook Book is a beautifully illustrated kid-size field guide. Readers will learn about the best time to explore a brook, the different kinds of rocks one might find in a brook, and the plants animals that might be encountered- from wildflowers to water nymphs. There is even a spread on animal tracks to determine whose footprints you are looking at!

Make It!, by Jane Bull
Make It! is a unique book because it not only contains tons of great ideas for recycling unwanted materials into useable items, but the book itself is made from recycled materials. The book's table of contents is divided into four categories: paper, plastic, metal, and fabric. The colorful photos on each page give detailed step-by-step instructions for how to make items such as woven paper placemats, a bottle cap picture frame, a mirror mobile, and a pocket purse.

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