Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nifty New Non-fiction

The library has some great new books that are filled with game and craft ideas to help fill these last few weeks of summer. Check them out!

This book has some fun low- and no-cost ideas for re-using household items and turning them into scrapbooking materials. From gift bag albums to tissue box photo frames, your child will have a great time being creative!

Extreme Balloon Tying, by Shar Levine & Michael Ouchi
If your child is fascinated by balloon animals, this is a good book to check out. It provides information about what supplies your child will need to make her own balloon creations, as well as providing techniques and step-by-step directions for making dozens of figures.

24 Games You Can Play on a Checkerboard, by Carol Lynch Williams
Do you need some new ideas for games to play at home? This colorfully illustrated book features the directions for 24 games that can be played on a checkerboard with normal checkers. You'll learn a Turkish version of checkers called Dama, a Japanese version called Go-Moku, and a simple game called Catching the Pigs, among others.


new penny stock said...

very cool.

Dale said...

Wow, new book on balloon animals cool. Have to check into this one.